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Homework Hub at Engaging Minds


Homework Hub is a structured learning environment where students in grades 5-12 practice applying the skills and strategies they learn during their one-on-one Engaging Minds sessions, through the lens of their nightly homework. Homework Hub emphasizes follow-through and self-monitoring, the executive function skills that support independent application of skills and strategies.

Students bring their homework into the center and work in a quiet, fully-equipped study space, with all the structures and support they need to succeed. The Homework Hub is led by expert Engaging Minds executive function instructors who are available to provide frequent check-ins, coaching, and support as needed. With a 5:1 student to instructor ratio, students are expected to work on their own, but will hold “mini-conferences” with instructors to get started, overcome challenges, stay on track, and apply Engaging Minds strategies in real time. Instructors actively circulate the room to support students as they cultivate and reinforce skills learned in their one-on-one sessions.

Our expert coaches are available to help students:HH PDF logo for website

  • Create a homework agenda
  • Prioritize assignments
  • Get started and/or unstuck
  • Break down large, overwhelming assignments into component parts
  • Use a calendar to plan and manage time
  • Stay on task and monitordistractions
  • Reinforce EM’s “TOSC” step-by-step approach to completing assignments
  • Integrate effective breaks
  • Incorporate writing, note-taking, reading comprehension strategies and processes

Homework Hub is an ideal venue for tackling daily homework, working on long-term assignments, and studying for exams. Homework Hub helps students focus, beat procrastination, reduce academic stress, and reinforce good homework habits. Students are motivated by working alongside productive peers, and leave Homework Hub feeling accomplished and confident in their independent ability to succeed.

Learn more in our FAQ document and connect with us by email or phone to learn more!

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