Ashland Executive Functioning Coach

Ashland Executive Functioning Coach

When it comes to well-developed cognitive control processes in school-aged children, Ashland executive functioning coaches are incredibly important. At Engaging Minds, we are here to offer you the support you and your child might need. Our students work one-on-one with highly trained Ashland executive functioning coaches, matching the skill emphasis to the child. Let’s take a step back though. What does executive functioning mean exactly, and why might an executive functioning coach in the Ashland area be important for you?

Executive functioning refers to the mental processes that underlie behaviors like organization, planning, emotional control, memory, self-monitoring, and more. An Ashland executive functioning coach works with individual students, meeting them wherever they are, and helping them to enhance these skills while integrating them into their day-to-day schooling. Some of the particular skill sets that are developed by our Ashland executive functioning coaches are: impulse and emotion control, flexibility in thinking, working memory, ability to self-monitor, prioritization and organization, and initiation of work.

If your child needs assistance with any of these important behaviors, working with Engaging Minds and getting an Ashland executive functioning coach will address the underlying brain activity that works to build up these important behavioral skills. Our Ashland executive functioning coaches combine tutoring for school with education about how to strengthen and master these pivotal life skills. Integration of setting goals, organizing assignments, initiating tasks, engaging in flexibility, and solving problems into the relevant academic setting is the goal of each Ashland executive functioning coach.


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